Clifton Wall


license #SA690289000

Clifton is a Colorado native, his family moved to Arizona in 1967.
His parents have owned a summer house in Prescott for roughly 30 years and he has seen the evolution of Prescott. Having grown up on a family-owned farm/ranch, 20 years in corporate America, and several business ventures have given his real estate business a high level of experience, leadership and professionalism.
There is no place on earth quite like Prescott and owning property here is one of the great privileges of life. “I love this area and once I show you around I am convinced you will love it too.”
When he is not busy helping clients, he and his wife can be found golfing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, or socializing with friends and family.
He loves people and ‘rest assured he will listen to you! With an understanding of your needs and wants, he will help you achieve your goals.’
Clifton Wall
primary phone
address 1344 Prescott Country Club Blvd, Dewey-Humboldt, AZ 86327
Clifton Wall

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