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My name is Andrés deSoto, (Hablo español!) but most folks call me Andy. I moved to Arizona from California in the early 2000s and my wife, Theresa, and I fell in love with Arizona early on. The flora and fauna, the unique blue skies, and the clouds are truly breathtaking. I grew up in Southern California and the High Desert area. My family was in the restaurant business my whole life. Our family business, Casa de Soto Mexican Restaurant, was a Garden Grove icon for 43 years.
In addition, I managed restaurants for corporations including Carrow’s, Coco’s, and Chili’s. It was Chili’s that brought me to Arizona. I landed in Flagstaff and managed the unit there for a few years before the company located me in Prescott Valley in 2006. I have since moved on from the food and beverage industry and have been working at Bucky’s and Yavapai Casinos as a Shift Manager since 2013.
Whatever profession I am in, seems to revolve around people and taking care of their wants and needs. Therefore, it was a natural progression to join Theresa in real estate. With some downtime during the unique year we had in 2020, I studied and received my real estate license, and we became The de Soto Team.
Theresa has a wealth of experience and time as a seasoned agent, and together we are able to help clients achieve their goals. When listing your home, I not only bring my own expertise to the table, but I also have a team of highly trained marketing personnel who will lead and guide me in marketing your home with state-of-the-art tools. If you are looking to buy a home, I not only negotiate on your behalf for the best deal, but I also walk you through the process of buying your home from start to finish. 


Andy deSoto
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Andy deSoto

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